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janv. 2018

Hart, härter, LED-UV (German)

Immer mehr Drucker arbeiten mit LED-UV-Härtung. Über Status quo und Potenzial der Technick klären Hersteller von UV-LED-Modulen im interview auf. — Immer mehr Drucker arbeiten mit LED-UV-Härtung more »

Phoseon sees new opportunities for UV LED (English)

UV LED curing systems offer better performance and quality control than conventional sources, the company says. — UV LED curing technology presents numerous opportunities for wide web applications. more »

déc. 2017

UV LED Curing Technology Brings New Revenue Opportunities (English)

UV LED curing technology opens the door to new applications and new revenue opportunities with the ability to print on heat sensitive and thinner substrates, offering increased profitability for printers and converters. more »

nov. 2017

Phoseon Technology develops new solutions for UV LED curing (English)

The company says it is 100% focused on LED technology and providing rugged, high-performance products. — Phoseon’s UV LED curing products are currently being utilized in the printing, coating and adhesive industries, and the technologies are available to clients in custom configurations. more »

UV LED Technology Best Option for Low-Migration Printing (English)

Phoseon Technology believes it’s just a matter of time before UV LED cured low-migration inks, coatings and adhesives are widely adopted across global markets. more »
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